Who We Are


Peak Partner Missions is a dedicated group of Haitians and Americans coming together to do God’s work.  Peak Partner Missions is focused on Belot, Haiti, a small village in Haiti’s southern mountains near Kenscoff.

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Tom & Judy SCHANER

Tom and Judy are the founders of Peak Partner Missions. They are both retired elementary and middle school teachers from the Orchard Park School District in New York. Tom has traveled to Haiti regularly since 2012, focusing on clean water and education. Upon Judy’s retirement in 2018 she joined him for her first visit to the New Birth School in Belot.  It was during this trip that God confirmed that this is where they would commit their time and resources.  After returning home, they formed Peak Partner Missions and have been working ever since to support the children at the New Birth School.

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Reginald Constant

Pastor Reginald Constant is the leader and founder of the New Birth School and Evangelical Church in Belot, Haiti. In 2011 the New Birth School and Evangelical Church was founded in a large dilapidated tent. Today a permanent structure which houses both the school and the church is the center of Belot community life. Each day Pastor devotes his life caring for his flock - counseling, comforting, and praying with them.

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Raymond Smith

Raymond Smith is a native of Haiti, who lives with his family in Tomassin. He serves as an interpreter, liaison, planner and encourager for our missions. Raymond has an advanced degree in journalism from Maurice Communication College.

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Mike Lovering

Mike is a middle school teacher at Orchard Park Middle School in New York. He serves as the media specialist for Peak Partner Missions. He is also the liaison with our local partner schools in Western New York.